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Responsive Web design

With over fifty percent of all website traffic coming from a mobile device, creating a mobile-friendly site is no longer a choice – it is necessity. It all begins with responsive website design.

Responsive website design permits your site to adapt to and offer an optimal experience on any gadget it is being viewed from. This means that your site will look remarkable and work amazingly for a user on a desktop, laptop, computer, smartphone and tablet.

Every site developed by wpgsolution utilizes responsive website design, adapting rightly to each device users are accessing it form.


  • Design for every device
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Positive UX
  • Helps SEO

Our Mississauga web design Work

Here are some of our web design work for MIssissauga businesses.


Web development

Our web development team are ready to work with you, and turn your site needs into reality. We built websites using the principle of open source platforms, keeping your business safe and at the cutting-edge of technology. We have got the website development services to deliver anything from a simple content management system and information website, through to custom applications and an e-commerce store.

We have a top technology and business process ability, along with domain experience in various industries, skill to deliver a variety of solutions – from API integration to E-commernce to CMS, Social network application, Extranet, Web-based database application, E-learning systems, Enterprise portal development, and customer relationship management.

Mississauga web development

Ecommerce websites

Having latest and all the new eCommerce technologies under our belt, our eCommerce professionals are capable enough of delivering peerless website development services by providing you with the pleasing results. With full harmony and dedication, we provide promised standard eCommerce site solution in least time. By combining the development tools with our in-depth domain knowledge, we render very good solutions that add value to your business.

We understands the significance of eCommerce site for an internet business, thus we try every single effort to craft a special and perfect eCommerce site for you. You can also hire our services for optimizing your existing eCommerce site.


Web redesign

When we redesign your site, our primary aim is to better your bottom line. Your new website will get you more traffic, drive more leads, and ultimately raise your revenue. Our website redesign services help to transforms site existing look and feel with the complete or partial revamping of user interface and user experience design. Wpgsolution covers the complete cycle of site redesign – including UX and UI audit, content migration, loading speed optimization, to make sure longer visitor and higher conversion rate.

web redesign
website maintenance

Website maintenance

Maintenance is vital for any site. Once the website is set up, it needs monitoring, updating, backups and technical support.

Wpgsolution offer affordable and expert site maintenance service with professional gentles and masters of Wpgsolution who makes time to the time change toy our site when you required. We permit you to keep your site up-to-date, safe and monitored at a fragment of the cost. Wpgsolution is the top service provider for little businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

Our Standard Web design packages

We have been providing high quality web design services at affordable prices also providing free web hosting, logo design, ssl include, email setup, social media integration and SEO sites.

Website design features

We are a custom website design shop. This means we can built anything and built it perfect. The art is determining what you need to reach your website marketing goals and combining these specs combine in a way that resonates with your visitors. Read below to view some of the most effective and famous site specs:

Responsive Website Layouts

We at wpgsolution, are blessed with the power to develop sites that help businesses earn profitable ROI. The site layouts we prepare are mobile-friendly and look charming across different gadgets and screen sizes. By utilizing new technologies and techniques, we ensure the site load fast, are simple to navigate, and contains everything that needs for business success.

E-Commerce Solution

Whether you need to design your first e-store or to upgrade your existing one, we are here to support you with the most creative E-commerce website design services. We are proficient in creating both multi and single-vendor E-commerce store. Our team also make sure you get the most trustworthy product catalog design that prevails across different channels.

Redesigning Old Websites

A website design is necessary if your site is outdated and is not having an impression on customers. We are here to support you update or refine your brand so that is compatible with different gadgets. Our designing team provide you a one-stop solution to make your existing site special, professional and simple to view on different gadgets globally.

Corporate/Business Web Design

The impression of your business matters in front of customers. We aim to improve your brand by providing the most informative corporate website designs. Our team is adept at all the new designing methods that are necessary to make your site stand apart from others. We work for many industries from real estate, manufacturing, to information technology, and produced special solutions to each of them.

Website Support & Maintenance

We not just built sites but also better the performance of existing with our site maintenance services. We here develop a full plan that helps you deliver a secure, quick, and seamless customer experience. From performing right check-ups to regular monitoring, we make sure your website is updated with the parts that are necessary to maintain best rankings. Our support is accessible for you 24/7 and we make sure you feel happy and relaxed at every step of the way.

Our Creative Design and development process

Here is a glimpse of our website designing process that contains the following:

1. Consult

We want to know your story so that we can craft a website to tell your story to customers and prospects in a way that will help them fall in love with your firm and provide you the business.

2. Plan

We spend a big amount of time farming up your site blueprint. Our team initiates are in broad planning process before starting the artistic work. 

3. Design

After we have spend big time learning about you and your firm, we will then start the process of designing your site. This process consists of 2 steps. The first is a wireframe, which is a general layout of your site.

4. Develop

Once the design phase is done we can then start writing the real code that will build your site for the website. All of our sites are built using the open source platforms, a state of the art CMS.

5. Launch

Once development, test, and end amendments are finalised, we handle the full launch process to get your new website online and accessible to your internet audience.

6. maintenance

Once your site has launched we provide a fully optional maintenance program, we can help with backing up your website, maintaining plugins, blogging on daily basis and also making any general updates to your content to keep your site up-to-date and fresh.

Industries We Serve

We have experience working for customers from a number of different industries. As an outcome, wpgsolution can provide multiple services to virtually any firm, including graphic design, creative website development and online marketing campaigns.

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in the planet that deals with 1000s of patients each day. If your business is linked with the health care sector, having a completely organized expert site is essential for you to make sure that your potential patients find actually what they are looking for.

In this new world where every industry is running behind digitalization, it has become very vital for educational institutions to harness web to raise exposure and attract donors, students and supporters. We build sites for educational institutions to establish their brand and provide them a special identity online by improving their communication with present students, their trusties, parents, and supporters.

Travel preparation covers a big area of research which is one of the factors why people are turning to the online world to get information before taking a decision on where and how to travel. You can completely utilize this chance by making your tourism and travel business through internet. We help you build a powerful website presence to link you with future travelers.

Buying a piece of property is a huge deal, and future real estate customers want to know that they are working with a firm they can believe. A customer is unlikely to make a such a huge investment without feeling assured that their firm or agent is qualified, professional, and focus to their special needs. Customers want to know their realtor has the top interest in mind when picking an organization or impendent agent to work with. As with everything, a site with all the “bells and whistles” will permit customers to breathe simple and trust that they are in best hands. What this means that real estate industry sites need to highly convey their experience and qualifications so that customer quickly feels confident. On a site, this means that the layout and design need to be mobile-friendly, and also be based upon the market research into what attracts to that focus client base.

Having a site for the restaurant and food industry should be different than a retail site or for a business such as a grocery store. When people go out to eat, they expect an experience, whether that is an affordable and convenient weeknight deal or a romantic, unique occasion celebratory dinner where they plan to splurge a bit. The key topic of these websites and site marketing technique choices are food, so attractive images should be one of the key focuses of these endeavors. For the restaurant and food industry, marketing and design are a bit different.

We are dedicated to built sites that are designed to fulfill your business aims. Our aim is to offer your corporation with an expert site that sells your business. Apart from building user friendly sites for your business we can also revamp your old site with new specs.

It is said that the primary impression plays an important role in influencing buyers buying decision. The same theory works in case of hotel businesses as well, where the primary impression of your hotel is built when a guest visits your hotel site. Let your audience get detailed information about your hotel including charges, rooms and other facilities by building a remarkable site for it with us.

The fashion industry is all about looking best and fulfilling people desire to look amazing. That is why we are here to make a stylish industry look its very best with highly customized expert sites designed mainly for your clothing business.