The trend of marketing is changing over time. The main thing which makes companies try the new trend of marketing is the technology, interest, and taste of the target audience. In the past, companies use to give awareness about their products and services through print media which later moved to radio and TV. With the popularity of the internet, there have been so many things changed in the life of humans, among them; the way of marketing is also included.

Today, companies prefer to go with the seo and digital marketing technique instead of direct marketing. This does not mean that direct marketing has completely dead or business are no more practicing this traditional way of selling product but companies are seriously taking a new step to understanding the digital marketing techniques.

Digital marketing is usually considered the way of promoting product or business through internet channels like SEM, SEO, SMM and internet advertising but it is beyond just that. Using any digital platform for promotion is called digital marketing. Today, companies choosing this way of marketing over direct marketing because it is more effective than traditional marketing. Why? Let’s take a look at the number of reasons which make digital marketing popular and more effective:

Digital marketing is cost-effective

Business spends its major budget on the marketing of their products. For a large size business, arranging a large budget may not be a problem but small businesses have to suffer a lot to arrange good money to spend on marketing. Marketing via digital platforms is much cost-effective as it is not just affordable but very cheap. With just a limited budget one can easily reach thousands of people.

You will have full control over cost

IN digital marketing, you don’t need to pay for those people who watch your ads but not interested in your products. Digital marketing techniques allow you to create an ideal customer avatar and show your ads to only those people who will take action over your ad and help you to achieve your business goal. Hence, you will only pay for the ads which serve your target audience.

Return on investment increase

Business always wants a huge return on investment. According to the study, digital marketing has proven a great way to increase ROI over direct marketing because of the number of marketing opportunities. Digital marketing techniques like advertising on social media platforms or running email marketing campaign much low when compared with direct marketing techniques.

Results can be measured easily

When it comes to direct marketing results, you have to wait for weeks or even months to evaluate the campaigns and their results where this does not happen in digital marketing. The digital marketing campaign can be evaluated in real-time without waiting for weeks or months. For example, the email marketing software will allow you to know how many users have opened your email where the social media marketing campaign will tell you instantly about the effectiveness of your ads, etc.

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